Kimyouna Onna is a collective of amazing women who have a passion for anime and all things involving Japanese culture. Our goal is to shed light on issues that are problematic in our favorite forms of media, while also being a safe haven for those wishing to learn and discuss feminism and social issues within the community.

On this website are fun articles meant to entertain and make readers laugh, news updates, several different podcasts, and serious editorials meant to make our readers think. This is an experimental project, so feel free to leave feedback to let us know how we are doing!





cat-nikki final png  Nikki

    Executive Producer, Gaming Editor, Host






Izzy KimOn Izzy

  Executive Producer, Digital Media Producer, Host

Izzy was born in Mexico, but grew up in FL. She is an avid gamer, has been playing video games since before she was born (if her mother playing while pregnant counts), and traveler. She was first introduced to Japanese animation via Transformers & Voltron in the mid-1980s. Her introduction to more diverse & non-mecha anime came about during high school & college. She has an appreciation for Japanese culture & looks forward to visiting Japan in the near future. Izzy’s love of cultures resulted in an undergraduate degree in anthropology. She has two cats that are ninjas, Suzuki and Elektra (because she loves Marvel comics as well).



witch cat


    Editor, Writer, Host

Alex spends the vast majority of her free time knitting. She enjoys the cuter things in life, especially when it comes to cats, video games, and anime. When she isn’t busy being a yarn snob, she watches shows like Lovely Muuuuuco, Fist of the North Star, and Midsomer Murders (admittedly not an anime but you should totally still watch it). She plays Night In The Woods and Catlateral Damage on the PS4, and greatly enjoys watching other people play Bloodborne. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in French language and literature, but admits she’s gotten a bit rusty. She resides in an undisclosed location with her husband and two punk-ass cats, Evandra “Evie” Holyfield and Link. She has been a non-denominational Pagan witch for 15 years as of this writing; as such, she totally has your back, girl.

She has a Twitter and an Instagram, neither of which she really uses. She is CheddaBitz on both.



Editorial Adviser, Writer, Host

Sam grew up in Indiana. She spent a great deal of her childhood watching cartoons, reading books, and playing pretend. To cope with being a social outcast in middle school, she became an actor. It was through acting that she would eventually meet her best friend and husband. While dating, he insisted she watch Spirited Away. It was that experience that ignited her passion for anime, manga, and all things Japan. It also steered her towards pursuing voice acting. She got her degree in acting, and is currently out in the wide world, reading manga, watching anime, coloring in coloring books, and cooking (and eating) delicious food.



dottie d va


Senior Branding Manager, Web Designer, Host

Shelby hails from southwest Ohio. She is an interactive designer/ front-end developer by day and a huge nerd by— well, she’s always been a nerd. Video games, anime, and cosplay are really important to Shelby. If Shelby isn’t watching anime with her partner and their cat Booker, she’s either playing games or making her next costume.

She was first introduced to anime through Kiki’s Delivery Service and Toonami as a kid in the 90s, with Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon (she believes her Sailor Mars costume in elementary school started her love of costuming and cosplay). While Shelby still mostly watches shounen, magical girls were pivotal for her growing up and Sailor Moon persists as one of her favorite TV shows to date. Studio Ghibli films remain influential as well.

Twitter: denvermaxx    Instagram: denvermaxx



sunglasses kittyShelly

Marketing Director, Writer, Community Manager, Host






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