Saiyuki Reload Blast Episode 8 Review

This episode fragments a bit. After the barrier falls, the surrounding villages are attacked by demons. Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai go off with Sharak’s men to fend them off, while Sanzo stays behind to protect the temple while Sharak replaces the barrier.

Hakkai insists on going with Gojyo to the farthest village. He’s worried the intense demon aura in the West is going to get to Gojyo, causing him to go berserk. Gojyo seems more or less fine, but there’s a strange marking on the back of Gojyo’s neck that’s gotta mean something’s not right.

Saiyuki 8 screen cap 2

Kougaiji and Dokugakuji storm the temple. Kougaiji stays outside to take on Sanzo, while Dokugakuji goes to kill Sharak and take her scroll. He faces off with Sharak’s second in command, and he has a flashback of when he and Gojyo were younger. This flashback has been covered before, but here’s a brief recap: Dokugakuji used to be Jien, and he lived with is mother and little half-brother, Gojyo, who was the product of their father’s infidelity with a human woman. Jien’s mother hates Gojyo and abuses him terribly. One day, Jien kills her to stop her from doing the same to Gojyo. He abandons Gojyo and eventually joins up with Kougaiji.

Saiyuki 8 screen cap 3

Sanzo and Kougaiji face off outside, trying to find one brief opening to take each other out. Kougaiji hates this mission because he doesn’t want to kill a bunch of innocent villagers, but his step-mother threatens to shatter the statue his mother is imprisoned in if he doesn’t. Each of them gets some good hits, but Kougaiji eventually sends Sanzo flying. The episode ends with Kougaiji sending a giant fire demon straight at Sanzo. Talk about a cliffhanger!

Saiyuki 8 screen cap 4

This episode was exciting, but felt a little short. I wish we could have seen more of Sharak, but hopefully she’ll be more of a presence next time. Big things are bound to happen, and this fight isn’t over yet, so be sure to join me next time for episode 9!


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