Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 8 Review

This episode was so sweet, and it looks like my fears about Hase were groundless. He brings a huge box of gifts for almost everyone at Yokai Apartments as a way of thanking them for taking care of Inaba. All the residents take a shine to him, so they throw a party in his honor. Even little Kuri gets attached to him. Hase seems to take everything in stride, being kind to everyone he meets. At the end of the night, though, when they’re getting ready to go to sleep in Inaba’s room, he admits how scared he was the whole time. He dealt with his fears because he knows Inaba is in a good place. Inaba is so moved by Hase that he gives him and big hug and thanks him. Little Kuri joins them for the night, and Hase says it feels like they’re a family.

Yokai Apartment 8 screen cap 2

I absolutely love Inaba and Hase’s friendship. They have a very close, Frodo/Sam kind of relationship. Both of them have vulnerabilities and insecurities, and neither one of them tries to mask it by pretending to be a tough guy. When they’re together, there might be some gentle ribbing, and occasional rough housing, but there’s no posing or aversion to affection for each other. The show doesn’t play it off as a fan service boy love kind of thing, either. Their friendship is a close, loving one, and that’s something you don’t see represented very often in media.  It looks like Hase will be present a little more in the series now, so I’m hoping we’ll get to see the two of them growing and changing together. That’s all for this week! Be sure to join me next time for episode 9!


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