Mary Skelter: Nightmares


Mary Skelter: Nightmares allows the player to experience unique game play by having the monsters, or Marchens, chase after them! You can set traps, assign character classes, and transform your team to make them stronger, but be careful; fighting too much can make them go into a beserker mode.

Nightmares (2)

I think this is my favorite.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story it’s about a place called the Jail that suddenly showed up one day. It engulfed an entire city and continues to plunge its citizens into suffering and chaos until one day a boy named Jack is visited by a girl from Blood Team. He and the Blood Team fight back to escape from the Jail.

Three of the characters you will control are Jack, Alice and Red Riding Hood.Jack_image

Jack is the hero of the game. Having lived a life of strife and torment this timid boy leads the party against the horrible monsters of Jail. He is the leader of the Blood Maidens.




Alice is Jack’s childhood best friend. A to the point, calm girl she can lose her cool when Jack is in trouble.




Red Riding Hood is the girl who rescues Jack and Alice and teaches them about the Blood Team, Blood Maidens and acts as an older sister to her younger teammates.


Coming this September 19th to PlayStation Vita Mary Skelter: Nightmares.


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