Blue Reflection RPG Reveals New Details and Gameplay


Blue Reflection, the newest game from Koei Tecmo, allows players to step into the role of a magical girl themselves! Players take on the role of Hinako Shirai, who must quit ballet due to an injury from an accident. Losing something so precious to her, she isolates herself from the world causing her to lose her heart. At her lowest point, a group of girls who transform themselves into something called a Reflector (basically a magical girl) grant her this power also. Once changed, Hinako must maintain a careful balance between school life and her duties as a Reflector.

Based on what Tecmo Koei revealed today, much of the game play seems to emulate the same system as the Persona games. Players will be able to create a social life by forging deeper bonds with friends, participate in school activities, as well as pursuing hobbies. The bonds between friends will determine how each perform in battle and may be enhanced via events such as Bond Episodes and Date Events that unlock different sets of missions. By completing these missions, players may create stronger relationships as well as gain much needed experience.

Players may also choose to spend time alone by exploring their house to find out more about the main character or post on the game’s social network, FreeSpace!, which will also allow players to interact with other characters in game.

Blue Reflection is published by Koei Tecmo and will be released for PC and the Playstation 4 on September 26th in North America. For more information please visit the Official Koei Tecmo Facebook page.


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