Town of Life to Team Up With Charities


As of today, the creators of the spectacular game The Town of Light want to let fans know that 25% of the proceeds made from every copy sold between now and September 6th will be donated to several different mental health organizations including Take This, Inc., an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to mental illness as well as ridding the world of the stigma attached to it.

Founded in 2012, Take This, Inc. was founded after a dear friend of the creators committed suicide. Since then, the team has made it their mission to inform others that they are not alone in this struggle by collecting stores from others who have also suffered at the hands of a mental disorder. They also provide safe locations at conventions for people who need a minute to separate themselves for a while and speak out at public events about prevention and awareness.

In conjunction with the promotion, several retailers will be offering a 20% discount on the price of the game including XboxThe Playstation StoreThe Humble Store, and Steam, but only GamesPlanet will donate all of their profit to charity.

For more information about The Town of Light visit their website here. 




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