Sailor Moon Crystal set 3 Preview


Sailor Moon was the first series I ever really got into. I would get up early in the morning and watch the original North American dub on my television with rapt attention.

It was very exciting to me to learn about a more faithful re-dub being released and the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime. My daughter and I have watched both versions on Hulu multiple times. She even plays with some dolls I managed to snag as a child.

Coming later this year VIZ is going to be releasing the next installment of the Sailor Moon Crystal set they’ve been dubbing. In the clip we are introduced to Michiru and Haruka. We start off at the arcade where Matoko and Usagi are playing a racing game. Usagi doesn’t feel comfortable, until she gets some racing tips from a mysterious stranger. Outside on the street Mamoru accidentally bumps into a woman carrying a beautiful, ornate mirror.

I like the voices they chose for the respective new characters and can’t wait to watch this next set with my little girl.


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