On the Red Carpet at Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry’s Hollywood Premiere



Last night Funimation rolled out the red carpet for the new Fairy Tail movie set to open in theaters next week. The cast of the movie was in attendance to promote the film and mingle with the crowd, but they weren’t the only ones there! Various other actors including some of the cast of Power Rangers arrived in style, proving that anime has a very wide appeal and is no longer kept in the basement.

As stars made their way across the carpet for pictures, they were greeted with a large lobby with a bar and cut outs of some of the main cast. These were later raffled off via tweet after the movie. Cosplayers were also in attendance as their favorite Fairy Tail characters.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry takes the guild to a secluded island nation surrounded by crystals that absorb the moonlight and are one of the nation’s biggest trades. Unfortunately, when the crystals retain too much of this light, they are likely to cause explosions that will destroy the entire kingdom. The only way to counter the disaster is a mysterious staff known as the Dragon Cry, which belongs to Fairy Tail’s home country of Fiore. The staff is stolen by a mysterious man who has the ability to control the minds of others and so the guild is hired to retrieve it lest he misuse the staff in his attempts to save his country.

Funimation is doing a hell of a job releasing so many anime movies in theaters recently and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is no exception. Fairy Tail fans won’t be disappointed when the movie drops into theaters August 14th subbed and August 16th and 19th dubbed. To find a theater nearby, check out the official website.

Todd Haberkorn the voice of Natsu

Chloe Noelle from True Blood

Jax Malcolm from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


The Cast having some fun before the movie


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