Magical Circle Guru-Guru Episode 5 Review

Let’s see. Where were we? Ah, yes. Juju had just been possessed by the Demon King. Several of his minions have invaded the town and turned everyone into dogs, and they will stay that way unless two bracelets of power are turned over. When Juju comes to, she sets off with Nike to retrieve the bracelets so they can defeat the Demon King’s minions. Juju shows off what a hardcore, and kind of scary, priestess she is, and Nike is able to retrieve the first bracelet. The bracelet gives him intense earth magic, and he rushes off to defeat the demons. However, without the other bracelet his fight isn’t the overwhelming victory he was expecting.

Guru-Guru 5 screen cap 1

Meanwhile, Kukuri finishes her training, earning herself the other bracelet, which takes her to where Nike is trying to fight the demons. The two friends reunite, and Juju takes the bracelets from them, unleashing a giant monster that eats the mini boss. The townspeople are returned to normal, the bracelets will be resealed, and our two heroes set off on their journey once again.

Guru-Guru 5 screen cap 2

This episode was not the chaotic mess that the previous ones have been. I actually found myself enjoying this one since I wasn’t so overwhelmed. It was cool seeing Kukuri finish her training, though her feelings for Nike went into full-blown crush mode. I guess it’s because it’s been six months since they’ve seen each other, but it still felt a little weird. I really like Juju; she balances things out really well. She’s wise and badass. She’s level-headed and not a pushover. I’m sad to see she’s not joining Nike and Kukuri. I’m hoping she’ll come back eventually because, so far, she’s my favorite part of the show. That’s all for now. See you next week for episode 6!


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