Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 6 Review

Inaba is thrilled to be back in Yokai Apartments, and everyone is glad to have him back. They’re all enjoying a sumptuous breakfast, when a tired-looking man bursts through the door. He’s Furuhonya, a resident of Yokai Apartments who’s returned from a long voyage around the world looking for rare magical books. As he’s showing off his haul to the others, Inaba notices a strange aura coming from one of the books. Akine finds the book and discovers it’s full of pictures of the tarot main arcana, except the names can’t be deciphered. She concludes that the book is sealed, so she decides to take it to her master to examine.

Yokai Apartment 6 screen cap 1

Later that night, Inaba is just about to fall asleep when the book comes floating into his room, and out pops a little bird-looking creature. He calls himself Fool. He is one of the figures from the book, and he tells Inaba he has unsealed the book and is now its master. This book is a miniature version of a powerful magic book a wizard made years ago. It contains lesser versions of the tarot arcana that he can summon to serve at his will. Inaba decides this is all a dream, so he just goes along with it. The monsters he summons are less than impressive, so he goes back to sleep.

The next day, Inaba meets up with Hase at a restaurant and tells him about his weird dream. Hase tells him he should brush it off because it was silly. On their way out, they are confronted by a group of thugs. Hase stands up to them, and they end up getting chased into a construction site. They lock themselves in a room to hide, and while Inaba’s trying to figure out what to do, Fool pops out of the book that Inaba had with him the whole time. He offers to help, but Inaba refuses because he thinks they’re useless. When he turns around to tell Fool off, he finds that Hase has seen Fool, too. What happens next? As Fool says, “To be continued in the next episode!”

Yokai Apartment 6 screen cap 6

This episode seemed short, but maybe that’s because of all the new characters that were introduced. It looks like this tarot book is going to bring in a bunch of fun stuff, and we got another look at Inaba having some kind of special power. I also think Furuhonya looks cool; I hope we get to see more of him. I can’t wait to see what happens next week, so be sure to join me for episode 7!


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